Cutting-edge practices to prioritise and activate sustainability

A practical self-assessment and navigation tool to guide companies through each chapter of their sustainability journey.

Companies first plot where they are today across all the essential dimensions of an organisation – Purpose, Brand Influence, Operations & Supply Chain, Products & Services, and Governance. As an SB Brand Transformation Roadmap Consultant, Acacia Blue can then pinpoint progress and offer practical next steps and recommendations to accelerate to the next phase of becoming a more influential, prosperous and regenerative brand.

Take your first step towards sustainable transformation now with Acacia Blue – the official SB BTR consultants for Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

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The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is a strategic sustainability management planning and measurement tool to help companies:

  • Set better sustainability ambitions
  • Identify globally recognised science-based targets
  • Develop more focused plans
  • Benchmark, track and measure progress

The objective of the Benchmark is to provide business leaders with the right information to set meaningful goals and targets in pursuit of transforming their core business to be truly sustainable. Furthermore, the Benchmark ensures that the data that flows from this journey is consistent, comparable and aggregable to enable institutional and private investors to properly incorporate ESG ‘data’ into their investment and stewardship decisions, as well as to understand the true impact of their portfolios and actions (positive and negative) on the planet, society and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Acacia Blue is an Accredited Partner of Future-Fit and can provide advice and/or solutions to help businesses adopt the Future-Fit approach.

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